Public Quotes

“Very bold statements for us to remember.”
~ Chairani
Miami, FL

“Moving artwork. Your vision, strength and courage are truly an inspiration to all of us.”
~Betty Gee
Yale University

“Es este un testimonio de categoría monumental, un grito que parece decir ‘Basta!’ a tanta injusticia y tanto crimen, porque la guerra es eso: injusticia y crimen.”
~Raul M. Oyuela
Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art

“The exhibit is impressive, attractive and educational. We appreciate your contribution to the University.”
~Chang Lee
University of Central Florida

“We were especially moved by the debut of the thought-provoking “War Pieces.” Your commentary brought the pieces alive and awakened in everyone’s consciousness the utter pain and futility of war. Thank you for your art, impassioned thoughts and spirit.”
~Barbara Rogan
Renaissance 2000

“Certainly unforgettable statements against the evils of war.”
~Jorge H. Santis
Museum of Art
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“We are very impressed with the message of your work as well as your powerful and enticing images.”
~Tara McGowan McDonnell
Norton Museum of Art
Boca Raton, FL

“Surrounded by your powerful art,
Transfixed by your stories of courage reflected from your heart,
A visit with you is empowering, opening minds and our eyes,
To our role as peacemakers.”
~Marianna Green
Brandeis University National Women’s Committee

“On behalf of Princeton University Press, I would like to reiterate our pleasure at reproducing your work.”
~Maura Roessner
Princeton University Press

“We are familiar with your work and your most recent response to world events is impressive.”
~Wendy M. Blazier
Senior Curator
Boca Raton Museum of Art

“Certainly timely and interesting.”
~Joanne P. Carrubba
Saint Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts
Saint Petersburg, FL

“Your motivation and message are quite admirable and heartwarming. I congratulate you on the prescience of your message for today’s world.”
~Susan Krane
Director / Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Scottsdale, AZ

“We appreciated the opportunity to have reviewed your work.”
Madeleine Grynsztejn
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco, CA

“Complete, professional and nicely presented portfolio.”
~R. Andrew Maass
Director / Museum of Modern Art
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I admire the work and applaud you for devoting your energy to such a meaningful project.”
~Dahlia Morgan / Director
The Art Museum at Florida International University
Miami, FL

“Certainly most interesting and your project for peace most laudable.”
~Helen Ashton Fisher
Farnsworth Art Museum
Rockland, ME

“Passionate and beautiful.”
~Jacquelyn Days Serwer
Chief Curator / Corcoran Museum of Art
Washington D.C.

“Magnificent. Cuba/Vietnam-same suffering. Great hopes and one heart.”
~Toni Lee
Miami, FL

“Imagery, color and form conveying the expression of pain and beauty.”
~Patricia Isis
Miami, FL

“Your work is very emotional, but so pure and lovely, even the “War Series.”
~Bink N. Bunny
Miami, FL

“As emotional as the Wall.”
~Robert E. Rouch
Miami, FL

“May the earth continue to be blessed. Thank you for your message of peace.”
~Andrew Gelembyr
Miami, FL

“This exhibit evokes emotions of joy and peace as well as passions in the desire to make this world a better place.”
~Marianna and Jim Green
Miami, FL

“Excellent. The War Pieces say so much, as does your ‘peaceful’ pieces.”
~Dinizulu Gene
Miami, FL

“Your work evokes so many feelings. This exhibit should be shown to those who think war is the answer.”
~Susan and Arthur Reppert
Miami, FL

“Vibrant! An important and unforgettable statement.”
Tina Spiro
Coral Gables, FL

“Truly a phenomenal experience.”
Marlene Cutler
Miami, FL

“This exhibit is breathtaking. The chills that run down my spine can not be put in words. We have to relay this message throughout the world. ‘War is not the answer!'”
~Rochelle Renfroe
Miami, FL

“Breathtaking. The expressions on the faces said everything.”
~Claudia H. Miller
Miami, FL

“Your work expresses proof of a supreme being. The pain and the beauty and the life force touch that secret place inside. I am in awe.”
~Wallis Tinnie
Miami, FL

“The emotions you portray in your work touch my soul. Words can’t describe the beauty imprinted on these canvasses.”
Luis Valle
Miami, FL

“Surprising your color, ideas and feelings all combine. Magnificent way to help the world understand war and peace.”
~ Magali Mayedo
Miami, FL

“It is fascinating how your experiences shine through your work. Congratulations on connecting with you own spirit.”
~Yvette Gonzalez
Miami, FL

“Overwhelming! Awesome! Beauty! Honesty!”
~Mirle McCormick
Coral Gables, FL

“I wish the whole world could see this exhibit. May we have peace worldwide soon.”
~Anne Torrado
Miami, FL

“Absolutely Amazing! The finest quality of workmanship.”
~Marie Levell
Pinecrest, FL

“Each painting reflects an aspect of the human soul, and it’s longing for centeredness, freedom and ones with all. Moving and inspiration. Huong has met her calling.”
~Salomé Perez
Miami, FL

“A supremely talented and phenomenal artist.”
~Maya Ezratti
Miami Beach, FL

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