Child Soldiers

Children are the most vulnerable things on earth, and unfortunately when it comes to war, they are never left out of the equation. Child soldiers have been used throughout history with the first mention of them with the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Unfortunately, child soldiers have become the norm in too many impoverished and neglected countries in the world even to this day. One country alone is already too many.

Children are feeble minded and thus incredibly susceptible to propaganda and brain washing. They are preyed on by ruthless warlords around the world and turned into little machines of death and destruction. The warlords kill their families and take them under their wings and transform them into mindless assassins. Many of the times they are drugged up over and over until they are dependent on the drugs and willing to do anything to get their supply.

The United Nations has done their best to pass international laws and regulations but it only goes so far against criminals who have no care for any kind of law. Even still, it is legal for many countries to have children as young as fifteen serving in the army. We must pressure the world on acting accordingly as we cannot live in a world where children are taught to pick up guns and use them on any living creature, let alone a human being.

The places that are mostly affected are the countries where the term “third-world” may be considered an upgrade from what they are. A host of countries in Africa including the Ivory Coast, Sudan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Uganda. It doesn’t get any better as you go on to Asia with easily over a dozen countries using child soldiers. Some of those countries include Afghanistan, Burma/Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, The Philippines, and Palestine. It doesn’t get much better when you go to Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Colombia where the drug wars over the years have been so out of control.

Child soldiers have been used all throughout history as militants, messengers, spies, crooks, and even guards. This despicable crime continues even to this day where many countries continue this practice while engaging in wars, crimes, and numerous other conflicts between political factions. Continents all around the world suffer from these hostile environments which breed warlords and criminals of all kinds. It is a practice we all have to do our part to stop because the future of the world is being corrupted. But the sad truth of the matter is that these kids have already had everything taken from them, and if we don’t do our part to help them now, there may never be a future for them to look forward to.

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