Torture – Does This Represent American Value?

Miami : Under the rainy Sunday afternoon sky of Jan 11, 2015 the peace activist – artist Huong and 75 people join in the nation wide protest from their hub in Miami in front of the gate of the Southern Command in Doral.
Their demand is the same as it has been for 13 years : GUANTANAMO – CLOSE IT NOW !
As the rain water soaked and darkened Huong’s white gauge canvases stained with red paint carried on the shoulders of the protesters, the paintings sent a wave of shock; to see pain, suffering, torture and to realize the dirty practice by Uncle Sam is a subject that can be easy be pushed aside most of our living days, but to expose the public the truth of torture leaves us stunned and still. Holding high above the fen is another commanding message: NO TORTURE is a set on mural panels painted by artist Serefima Solokov, who worked along with Huong from the beginning of Iraq war Protest in 2004 as a newly graduated Intern from FIU. These No Torture paintings present the face of horror victims and the torture techniques being inflicted on them. The mural images pierce through your soul , sinks your heart and questions your conscience: Torture – Does this represent The American value? Huong asked the crowd and lets them soak in their own answers.


This call to end torture and cultivate peace is at the center of Huong’s artwork, who was a mother, war refugee, boat people and former a journalist, she escaped at the end of the Vietnam war in 1975. Facing the barrier of a new language Huong broke the pen and trades for a brush, continuing her Journalism through her art. Huong has had more than 100 solo exhibits nation wide, addressing the world issues of war, peace and Justice. For her current works google: Miami artist Huong.


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Visit People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism, and Racism on their Facebook Page.

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