The Flag at War

Description: Mixed medium on canvas 30″x30″

On June 12, 1774 the American flag was conceived. The first day the American flag was used in the battle was the battle of BrandywineOn SEPTEMBER 11,1777 On SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, She was 224years and 89 days old.

Throughout the wars in America history, the flag has flow high on this land, she was the guardian of the nation; marched with the people, draft over the dead, welcomed the new arriving, she was furled and unfurled, beloved and adored in the name of Peace, she was spit, burned and bomd in the name of war. She was the subject for Huong ‘s series : FLAG AT WAR, exposing an American flag weeping at the century of war, Huong cut off the flag to many smaller square canvas 30 by 30 inches s mixing them in different order, the red strips was poured dripping down as the symbol for the war bloodshed, dripping with sadness while the white star was transform to the white dove holding the olive branch as it fly through the war zone, represent for hope and Peace, between them the smaller falling, stretched and distorted human figures represent the victims lost and was sucked in the violent and uncontrolled turmoil of war, still engulfed in the flames of sorrow, madness of the war.

The Flag at War series is so powerful, very powerful and stirring and moving and profound, it makes you think twice about America’s history of War, where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going?

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