Alive on South Beach

The Peace Mural Foundation Artist Huong was featured on Alive on South Beach for our upcoming show “No More War”.

Woman of Peace

At the end of Vietnam War, Huong left Vietnam on a boat. Arrived in California, she found her peace in Alaska. The beauty of Alaska allure her to the art and lead her the way to a painter. Being the daughter of a South Vietnam lieutenant, Huong told us a Vietnam War story that not many had heard of.

Huong’s Peace Mural

Vietnamese Artist Huong Strives for Peace -Artstreet Miami

Huong is a Vietnamese artist who strives for peace through her art. For the first time in her career, she confronts her emotional past and the trauma she suffered during the Vietnam War.

The American Color Mural by Huong

Miami, Fla.- Artist Huong recently unveiled her newest works, The American Color Mural and We Are All Trayvon Martin, in Tallahasee, Fla. at the state’s Capitol. The exhibit was held on August 9th 2013.




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