Work In Progress


HUONG’s new works on progress are exposing and sharing her image of Peace and inspires the audience to make a priority of thinking Peace, of working to achieve Peace, make a choice for Peace – Peace is beautiful, Peace is Love, Peace is accessible, Peace is simple, Peace is sharing, Peace is a smile, Peace is thoughtful. Peace is kind, Peace is silent, Peace is a moonlight, Peace is sunny… these paintings engage and force you to Think Peace.

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Faces of Peace are very sophisticated design with just a simplicity and unique line created Image of man, women, children, flower, sun, moon, wind, water and birds… all tangle in harmony, Peace and Love, HUONG’s choice of color for this series is bright pastel and very complex with many lay of textures created the depth of the painting. As always the Dove images, the symbol of Peace floating around generated a content feeling, calm and Positive thinking of Peace and Harmony. You just wish to bring these “PEACE” into every day of your life, at home or at work, to invite other to think Peace with you.

sqpceb1 sqpcea10 sqpcea9 sqpcea8

Peace is our gift to one another, Peace is not only a personal commitment, but it is also a Civic and humane action.

Let’s think Peace!